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color: 12 colors

Unit Type: piece

Quantity: 1piece

Package Weight: 0.011kg (0.04lb.)

Package Size: 10cm x 10cm x 5cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 1.97in)

Origin: CN(Origin)

Number of Pieces: One Unit

NET WT: 10g

Model Number: fb48

Material: powder

Item Type: Nail Glitter

Item Type: Nail Glitter

Brand Name: HotPress

50g/bag Dip Powder Colorful Acrylic Powder Nail Dust 115Colors Chrome Nail Powder Dipping Powder Pigment For Nails Tools FD138

1 Bag Neon Phosphor Powder Nail Glitter Powder 12 Colors Rare Earths Dust Long-acting Phosphor Luminous Powder Glow in the Dark

Feature: Very thin and easy to use.

Material: Plastic

Pattern: Finest

Colors: 12 Colors Fluorescence

Weight: 10g

Due to the angle and light,the colors may be slightly different from the picture, thank you for your kindly understanding.

Notice:#the glittle powder need be bake in UV light or it can't light;

      # the #8 red power like orange red when it be baken,we hope you can              understanding!

      if you mind,please don't order

Package Contents:

10g Nail Art Glitter Powder

Important point: need to absorb the light before make it Glow in the dark,so you must take it under Led, sunshine or uv


Luminous powder is environmentally friendly material, non-toxic, harmless and non-radioactive. Luminous powder is divided into two categories: short-acting luminous powder and long-lasting luminous powder:

Long-lasting luminous powder (rare earth luminous powder)

Chemical composition: mixture AL2O3.SrO.Eu2O3.Dy2O3.B2O3.SiO2

Product features: "Come slow, go slow", the so-called "slow" means that it takes a long time to illuminate the light, in order to better express its luminous effect; "going slow" means that the rest of the glow time is long and the longest Up to ten hours. The high brightness and long time of the light make it extremely practical. In addition to decorative applications, it is also widely used in safety, fire, military, electrical and other fields.

●Main varieties:

Conventional luminous powder: the appearance color is yellow-green, and the corresponding luminous colors are yellow green light, blue green light and sky blue light. Among them, the luminous effect of yellow-green light is the best, followed by blue-green light. Long-lasting luminous powder has various subdivisions according to brightness level and particle size.

Color luminous powder: It is a derivative of conventional luminous powder, which is prepared by adding fluorescent pigment to conventional luminous powder. After coloring, the appearance color of the conventional luminous powder is changed, but the luminous color cannot be fundamentally changed. After adding color, the luminous effect will be greatly reduced, and the heavier the color, the more the drop. It is recommended to use blue-green light or sky blue luminous powder to prepare blue luminous powder, and other colors to choose yellow-green luminous powder.

● Brightness: There are many grades according to the brightness. Our products can last for 1~2 hours

● Average particle size: There are various particle size divisions in the range of 3-35 um.

●Color: The appearance of conventional luminous powder is yellow-green, and the luminous colors are yellow-green, blue-green and sky-blue.

●The quality of domestic long-lasting luminous powder (luminous brightness, stability) is in an international leading position.

●Long-term luminous powder can not be directly used in aqueous solvents. If it is necessary, please declare it, and use it after micro-encapsulation treatment.

● Long-lasting luminous powder used for injection molding will have blackening phenomenon and is inevitable. Reasonable application can alleviate this phenomenon. The proportion of injection molding is 3-5%, and the transparent material is applied during injection molding.

Environmental testing:

Long-acting luminous powder and short-acting luminous powder can provide test report EN71-3 (eight major items of heavy metals), which can be tested by Mattel standard.

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